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Just Sing Something

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Just Sing Something is a fledgling community
of people who are energised by singing with others.

You are welcome, whatever your singing history.


As our community grows, new and varied opportunities will be offered. Our goal is to provide a group singing experience for you to love, from cradle to grave.  We sing in pubs, halls, and sacred spaces, with those who learn by ear, and those who read music. We sing songs from the here and now, from far-flung places and ancient eras, songs from anywhere and everywhere.


Just Sing Something is for those who know they can, and for those who think they can't.

What People Are Saying 


It was lovely to have the opportunity to sing with a group again. It was a friendly atmosphere - Lucy set a wonderful tone right from the beginning.  A really enjoyable night.


Felt a little apprehensive at start, but a warm welcome from Lucy and organisers soon put me at ease. Lucy created a supportive environment for all singers to improve and thrive. I was quite surprised with the quality of our choral output by the end of the evening.  I'm so glad I went, despite being so busy. 


Loved it. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming among the singers and the leaders. There was no pressure to be 'great', but gentle help was available. Novices, like me, were made to feel quite comfortable.

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