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Why Sing?

Group singing is powerful!

Given how much we know about the benefits of singing with others, there is still only scant institutional recognition and support for group-singing opportunities.

Singing costs nothing, requires no special equipment, no qualifications, no permission, is completely safe, has no dangerous side-effects, can be done standing, sitting, cycling, dancing, floating, driving, walking, gardening, choring, lying down, hanging upside-down, bouncing a baby on your knee, and is endlessly portable.

We carry the tools with us from the moment we draw breath until our dying day.

And yet after decades of research, and many thousands of scientific studies finding significant benefits to mental health, cognition, language development, social connection, physiological health, respiration, heart rate, pain relief, memory, mood, immunity, efficiency, community, and wellbeing, we've seen little change. But perhaps the greatest benefit of group-singing is that it's just a whole lot of fun!

The most remarkable news is we don't even have to be good at it to reap the benefits!

Here is a small sample of the vast body-of-work demonstrating the power of singing with others.

May it be an inspiration and encouragement.

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Cognition & Language Development

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Productivity & Efficiency

The Tradition Of Work Songs

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